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My Favorite David Yurman Pieces

2015-03-11 15.16.39

Jewelry can completely change a look.  You can wear the same dress, but depending on how you accessorize, it can look classic and elegant or glamorous and sophisticated.  It’s like having a different “outfit” just by changing the accessories.  I’m absolutely in love with David Yurman jewelry.  I just think he creates such beautiful, and timeless pieces that you can spot a mile away and know that’s a David Yurman piece.  Stackable jewelry are my favorite.  They are delicate and you can stack it to your liking so it’s very versatile.  Here are some of my favorites from his collections.



Disclaimer:  These photos do not belong to me.  I found these photos from David Yurman’s instagram!

-Sincerely Aimee



  1. Love that first necklace! Really need to check this guy out asap… Thanks for bringing him to my attention! XOXO

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