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Black And White


Hey everyone!  I’m back with another post!  Today’s outfit is a white tanktop with lace detailing and simple black jeans.  I never thought I would wear the combo black and white because my middle school’s uniform was white top and black bottoms.  I had to wear black and white everyday for 3 years!  Then again middle school was a long time ago so I guess I got over the fact I had to wear it for school and decided that it can be allowed back into my life. 


I just love the lace detailing and how flowy the top is.  I think it adds a romantic feel to the very simple outfit.  Wearing a flowy white dress is also another way to achieve that simple, flowy, romantic look.


Other than the cute lace detailing, the back is everything!  Minus the wrinkles I got while traveling to the location for the photoshoot…


I went for a peeptoe bootie with buckle detailing and cutouts.  I love how the cutouts and buckles make this bootie more edgy.  It’s a perfect way to spice up a simple outfit!


Top: Forever 21

Bottom: Pacsun

Shoes: DSW

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  1. You look AMAZING!!! the black and white is on point! I am glad to hear you are giving it another chance 🙂 and your lipstick looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!!! VERY pretty!!! 🙂 🙂 ❤


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