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Casual Sunday

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Hey guys!  I’m back with another outfit post!  Today’s outfit is going to super casual and fun.  This is also one of the few times I am wearing sneakers!  For about 5 years now, I’ve been only wearing sandals, pumps and boots.  Sneakers were not really part of my wardrobe.  The only times I would put on sneakers was if I was going to the gym.  When I dug these up, I was so surprised it fit because I got these when I was 17 years old! 

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This graphic Tee was also another “oldie.”  So old that I don’t remember where and when I got it!  I just love the black and white design!

This denim jacket has pin stripes which makes it interesting.

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For the bottom, I wore dark grey “jeggings.”  Honestly I prefer to wear “jeggings” over jeans because it has a little stretch and overall it’s more comfortable to wear.

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The only accessories I wore are these dainty rings.  I love the cute design and how delicate it looks!

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How has everyone’s week been?  It’s so cold here in NYC, all I did majority of the time was stay in bed and watched movies.  I had a “Ip Man” marathon the other day.  The movies were so good!  I love the story, the moral of the movie, and the actors.  The movies are full of action as well.  If you liked the movie Karate Kid, or Jet Li movies, you’ll probably like this as well!  If you have not seen Ip Man and Ip Man 2, you should definitely watch it!  I can’t wait for the third one to come out!

Top:  So old I can’t remember where I got it

Jacket:  H&M

Jeans:  Charlotte Russe

Shoes:  Converse

Rings:  Aldos

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  1. Hey! Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind words about my blog! I enjoyed reading yours! I really like the design and your writing! I am definitely gonna catch up with you and keep on reading 🙂
    Best, Gregory

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