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Autumn Business Casual

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Hey guys!  Happy Thursday!  I was recently back in Chinatown!  I had a quick meeting around the area so I couldn’t help but explore Chinatown a little afterwards.

Today I dressed more business professional.  This slim fit button down is one of my favorites.  It has a cute leopard print in the cuffs and collar.  Although you cant see it unless I flip it over, I still like that it’s there.  Am I the only one who buys things just because of little cute details like that?!

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I wore a plum purple button down because I wanted to wear fall colors today.  I didn’t want to wear the usual white button down.

When wearing business attire, always make sure that the shirt is not too tight and not too loose.  If it’s too tight, it’ll look like the buttons are about to pop off.  If the button down is too loose, it’ll look a little sloppy.  Bring it to a tailor if you have to.  It doesn’t cost much and it’ll look way better when it fits perfectly.  

The secret is to dress modestly.  For those who are blessed in the bust area, make sure you are not showing too much.  If you are unable to close the first button, wear a tank top underneath.  Sometimes it’s best to leave it up to the imagination!

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I wanted to dress a little comfy today so I wore trousers instead of wearing my usual dress pants.   This trouser is nice and breezy;  It’s very comfortable to wear.  Since I’m petite, I usually have to tailor my dress pants in the waist but I didn’t have to with these trousers.  They already came with a waist belt!

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I love the cutout detailing of these pumps!  It’s very unique and nothing like the other pumps I have.  The color is also very neutral and matches everything.  Now that my wardrobe consists of brown, beige, and darker colors in general, I think these babies would look great with my clothes!

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Top:  Express

Trousers:  Charlotte Russe

Pumps:  BCBG

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    • I know right?! I don’t know why but when I first got them, I only wore it like 2 times and didn’t wear them again for about 2 years! So glad I found these babies again!

      • clairneriah says

        That’s so crazy how us girls buy shoes but don’t wear them for a long time.

  1. This look is fantastic! The trousers (which you have already received great feedback on) are so on trend! We should do a trouser collaboration or something – they’re my favourite garment! Let me know xx

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