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Berry Chic Trend

Hello everyone!  Recently had a photoshoot at the park and did not find many trees with leaves that has changed colors.  All I saw were green leaves everywhere!  Where are people finding these trees with beautiful colored leaves on instagram?!


I’ve been loving the deep red color.  Maroon specifically.  This chunky maroon cardigan is not only perfect for layering, but it’s extremely warm.  Love how the cardigan is the perfect length and does not make me look short!  That’s a big plus!


Underneath, I wore a light blue denim button up.  I usually loosen the first two buttons and tuck in the shirt but I wanted to go for a more relaxed look.  I also love adding a nice statement necklace over a button up shirt.  It looks beautiful and effortless.  The necklace I’m wearing is just a simple multi-colored necklace with leaf detailing.  I’ve also worn this shirt in a different post and styled it differently.  Click HERE to see the look!


For the bottom I have on dark blue jeans and brown suede boots.  These boots have a zipper along the side and makes it easy to put on.  Also love the detailing on the front.  If you look closely, there are ridges!  Looks edgy and adds a little masculinity to the outfit.


Wasn’t kidding about the green trees!  That was all I could find!


I did find a tree with green and yellow leaves.  Guess it wasn’t a total fail!  I got lucky because this was a short tree and easy for me to take pictures near it.  The two other trees in the park that had changed colors were very tall and couldn’t take any pictures near it.  The problems of a vertically challenged person.

Sweater:  Charlotte Russe

Shirt:  Charlotte Russe

Jeans:  Hollister

Boots:  Steve Madden

Necklace:  Charlotte Russe

Photo Credits:  Jay L

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  1. Wow!! A great combo indeed I especially like the necklace accessory. I have yet to invest in a nice denim shirt but I think you have inspired me 😉


  2. Spryha says

    I love your necklace and the cardigan.:) Great that you can wear the cardigans from October only 🙂

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