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Sweater Dress


The alarm clock rings, and I pressed snooze one too many times.  Now I’m incredibly late and on top of rushing to look somewhat presentable, I have no idea what I’m going to wear!  This is one of the few times I would say having a uniform is great; when you’re running late.  Since I don’t have a uniform, I just wear my go-to outfit.  


My go-to outfit is a dress.  It’s easy and doesn’t require much thinking.  Don’t even have to pair the top to the bottom since it’s all one piece!  Today I’m wearing a mauve sweater dress.  Since the dress is fairly simple, I added a statement necklace to dress up this outfit.


Over the dress I’m wearing a wool jacket.  This pearl white jacket is warm, but doesn’t look bulky.  There is also a belt that helps create a nice silhouette.


To tie this whole look together,  I wore my trusty white and black pumps.  I love that these pumps have such an amazing structure and I adore the mixed materials!  Because of the criss-cross straps,  the pumps feel secure on my feet as I walk.


Sweater Dress:  Charlotte Russe

Jacket:  Express

Shoes:  Shoedazzle

Necklace:  Charlotte Russe

Tights:  Uniqlo

So that’s it for today’s outfit.  It’s just my super simple go-to outfit I go to when I’m running late or just don’t know what to wear for that day!  Hope you all enjoyed!

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  1. johnnielynn says

    I love pairing sweater dresses with leggings, it’s like pajamas in disguise. And those shoes are fantastic!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog!^^ I love this outfit too! I really like the color combo.. the cream colored vest with the old rosy color from the sweater<3 I'm still searching for the perfect sweater dress to pair my over the knee boots.

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