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Mermaid Vibes: Rivi Bikinis Cloudbreak & Coconut

IMG_3785Cloudbreak & Coconut.  Whoever came up with these bikini names for Rivi Bikinis is an absolute genius.  Not only does this bikini have an awesome name, the design is everything I would want in a bikini!  It’s like they designed this bikini with me in mind!  At least thats what I like to tell myself.

IMG_3792Rivi Bikini is a minimal coverage brand that focuses on comfort, style, and function.  The cut is designed to leave minimal tanlines behind.

IMG_3780I love how this bottom looks like on!  It has the most flattering cuts and just looks amazing!

IMG_3795These past few days have been so hot!  I feel like I’m melting and I’ve only walked a block.  You already know I’m going to be living in Rivi Bikinis because no one’s got time to be dealing with this heat!  This is literally the only solution I can come up with, and I’m not even mad.

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Photographer: Chris

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